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WGS Associates, Inc.

WGS Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm focused on providing exceptional due diligence services to the commercial real estate industry. WGSA was formed in 1999 by William G. (Bill) Smith, founder and President who has more than 30 years experience serving the real estate, engineering, and construction community. Experience with applied engineering and operational management has developed the skills to appreciate our clients’ financial interests and requirements for accurate and comprehensive service. Our services are limited to the practice of environmental and property condition assessments and construction monitoring.  These related fields bring together engineering and construction expertise to satisfy our clients’ dependence on reliable reports in their risk assessment process.

Our mission is to understand our clients’ real needs and to produce real responsive and useful solutions. Our clients include lenders, developers, contractors, property owners, and investors.

We have performed assessments for vacant land, multi-family complexes, mixed-use developments, hotels, shopping centers, industrial property, and commercial and office buildings. Each assignment is performed by a WGSA principal from the initial engagement agreement through the final presentation of our work product. This approach assures our clients’ of our best experience and contact with the one person who is fully knowledgeable of all aspects of their project.

WGSA knows that the best defense against liability is producing error free work. In addition, we provide errors and omissions insurance and can include our clients as additional insured for their protection.

WGSA is committed to serving our clients through applied experience, integrity, confidentiality and accuracy for every assignment.